New Talos Archives is moving… eventually.

Those people who end up here while trying to get to New Talos. You have been redirected here (Blue Space Colonial Outpost), as New Talos is shutting down for now – read more on this below.

Please do not Try to just log in here, as this is a different site, you must register first.

I am currently migrating the site to our own server, and redesigning it. However, at this time I don’t know if it will be a subscription site, or free or a combination of the two. For the moment however, this site, Blue Space Publications, is taking all of my time, energy and concentration. Once we get everything here set up the way we want it, including the books, then we’ll start working on New Talos’s new home.

I am getting away from writing erotica. Mostly because I need to make a living at this, and there is very little money to be made writing erotica. People are not even willing to leave posts for the chapters posted, they certainly don’t want to actually pay for it, and I don’t want to beg constantly for hand-outs. Finally, I’m just tired of dealing with it. Every payment gateway out there, that is either free or reasonably priced has content restriction that I have to try to skirt around. Honestly, it’s a pain in the butt. So… here we are.

Welcome to Blue Space Colonial Outpost.